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RESOURCES from Student Success Conference, 10/2014. 1st Class/1st Office Hour: Prep for Student Vets


First Day/First Office Hour: Prep for Student Vets

Miguel Fernandez, Faculty Liaison for Student Veterans, Composition, Creative Writing, Literature Faculty, Chandler Gilbert Community College

Time/Room Location: Oct 17 2014 11:30-12:15 pm / Maryvale A
Track: Teaching and Learning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Audience: Faculty, Administrators

This presentation for better serving student veterans in the classroom provides an instructor, department chair, or faculty developer quick to implement/ready to teach tips to: 1)Make a syllabus vet friendly/vet prepped 2)Set first day tone: accommodation, not exception 3)Checklist for situational awareness of potentially ‘hot’ scenarios in the classroom or first office hour visit
1)Slides from the conference for 1st Class/1st Office Hour: Prep for Student Vets  (powerpoint)

2)supporting the slides: Excerpt of Sabbatical module 1: 1st Class/1st Office Hour  (.docx)

3)Working Draft (v1.3) of Sabbatical module 1(.docx)


OTHER DOCUMENTS related to faculty development for Student Veterans

NOTE:  YOU WILL FIND THE ENTIRE SABBATICAL posted here in various formats in JAN 2015.
Here is the APPROVED PROPOSAL for sabbatical for FALL 2014 (scope & objectives) (.docx)
“1st Class/1st Office Hour: Prep for Student Vets”  is a DRAFT chapter of 12 for the sabbatical.